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Wittering West Kettering - working with tradesmen

Wittering West Kettering - working with tradesmen
Supplying exceptional products for the Tradesman at competitive prices.

If you want to impress your customers why not show them products that they cannot get at their local retail warehouse? Why not show them designer products which cost the same?

We want to be your supplier now and into the future by offering the best, for the best.

View our trade catalogue...

Wittering West works closely with Plumbers, Builders, Electricians and lots of other Tradesmen. We act as your parts only supplier helping you get access to standard and top of the range components for your builds. And if you want to direct your customers to our showrooms we can help your clients find exactly the what they want all on your account without you losing control of your project.

View our Trade Catalogue here. Come and talk to Wittering West about trade discounts now.

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